From LitKid: For many years, since I was a tot, I  loved books. My parents would read aloud to a little me each night. When I was of age, my parents had to pry me away from my Harry Potter  or other fun book I was hooked on. Books are an awesome part of every day life. Storytellers are a tradition in many , many, many cultures. I would like to share some of my poetry to show my passionate love for books.


Never-ending shelves stretching across a large room

You spot the perfect one

It drags you in to a phenominal story

You are on another planet

Books are twisters

Taking you in,in, and away

To another faraway planet

Where you wish you could stay

Books are the best healing activity

Calming your heart, mind, body, and soul

They make you want to read more

On this planet there books galore-lore-lore

Enchanting they all are

I love books, You should too