LitKid is right: Quail Ridge Books and Music is a special place. We have spent many entertaining hours (not to mention much of LitKid’s college fund) there with noses buried in books or listening to our favorite authors read from their books. Thanks to their expertise, we have been introduced to many new writers and worlds over the years.

Many of the staffers know us by face and/or name, so I want to include at least a few of the names of QRB experts who have helped us:

Rosemary, Sarah, Trish, Warren, Carol, Helen, Kent, Jim, Linda, Molly, Kent, Sally  …

… as well as Diana, who left QRB several years ago but is not forgotten due to her kindness and great recommendations in the Children’s department in our first years in Raleigh. This past Christmas, Sarah was kind enough to help LitKid shop for me from my QRB wishlist; when they were finished, LitKid had a bag of gift-wrapped books and a very satisfied, cat-who-swallowed-the-canary expression.

LitKid is also especially proud to be a friend of founder and co-owner Nancy Olson (she was thrilled when Nancy kindly made an after-the-fact donation to her lemonade stand-fundraising effort for tornado victims this spring). Having attended the ceremony at which Nancy received a Raleigh Medal of Arts award (and having had a chance to meet Charles Frazier that evening, something she will appreciate more later), LitKid considers her a celebrity of the highest ranking.

Brick-and-mortar bookstores have had a tough row to hoe in recent years, and our devotion to buying from ‘indies’ (and buying local) is a matter of principle. We will happily review other indie bookstores we encounter in our travels, but QRB will always be our favorite ‘book nook,’ as LitKid put it.

Be sure to check out their web site: (And I recommend signing up for their excellent e-newsletters, even if you don’t live in Raleigh.)

~ AKid@Heart