The Friendship Doll

By Kirby Larson

Delacorte Books for Young Readers

This book is a fiction masterpiece, telling the stories of children’s encounters with Miss Kanagawa. Miss Kanagawa was one of the 58 dolls sent to the U.S from Japan in 1927  as a sign of Friendship. That’s how the book got its name. These stories begin in the 1930s, the birth of the great depression. One child oversees Miss Kanagawa’s arrival, another encounters her at the Chicago World’s fair. And one child discovers the doll in his grandmother’s attic and yet another encounters her at a museum.The lesson I took away from this phenomenal piece of literature is “Friendship is the key to ending quarrels.” Some of these dolls are still around today in Museums all over the world. I think Kirby Larson gave it her all. I loved it! Any reader will be awed by The Friendship Doll. It is telling the true meaning of these two things : Dedication and Friendship. I absolutely L-O-V-E-D it!!!!!

~ LitKid