We were excited to read this item in the Quail Kids newsletter from Quail Ridge Books this week:


Last week, we told you of our customers who’ve started a mom & daughter book blog. Our 9 year old book correspondent, “LitKid”, reviewed Kirby Larson’s THE FRIENDSHIP DOLL. Another customer called in with this update: “My daughter read THE FRIENDSHIP DOLL and did some online searching and discovered that one of the friendship dolls (Miss Kagawa) lives at the (Raleigh) NC Museum of Natural Sciences.”

If any other young readers want to share their book reviews, the duo is looking for other contributors. Find them at:2girlslostinabook.wordpress.com/

A big “thank you” to Quail Ridge for sharing our blog and to the parent who called Quail Ridge to share the news that this excellent book has a local connection; now it’s time to plan a summer field trip to the Museum of Natural Sciences …

~ AKid@Heart