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The Mother-Daughter Book Club  (Book 1)

By Heather Vogel Frederick

The Mother-Daughter Book Club is a story of one book club and a group of friends. Jess Delaney, Emma Hawthorne, Cassidy Sloane, Megan Wong and their moms form the Mother-Daughter Book Club. This story has a lesson in it: “Always side with the side  that is angled.” In other words, always side with the ones who allow you to be yourself. Through hard times and miracles these girls learn to like each other for who they are.

To be nice, I’m giving you a passage from the book:

“Why not Jess? You’d be perfect for the part!

The skating rink is cold and I wrap my fleece jacket tighter around me. “Quit bugging me , Emma. the answer is no.

I’ll help you learn your lines” she coaxes.

I shake my head. Emma sighs. “C’mon, Jess, you’ve got to at least think about it. You’ve got such a great voice.

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Where the Red Fern Grows

By Wilson Rawls

Where the Red Fern Grows is a heartwarming and inspiring story. When Billy Colman saves up his earnings, he finally has enough to get his dream, a pair of coon hounds (hunting dogs advertised in a magazine). He doesn’t wait to get them. He sets out over the Ozarks in the dead of the night, with nothing but determination in his heart.

This classic Wilson Rawls story has touched many hearts. There is a legend (among the Indians) about the sacred Red Fern. I don’t want to tell you any more than I’ve already revealed. My Dad & I read this in our Daddy-Daughter Book Club together and we loved  it. This story will be passed down from generation to generation because this story brings the true meaning of courage into everyone’s hearts.

~ LitKid

Today, my girl turns 10, and as usual, books figured prominently in her birthday wish list. It’s nice to think that the fact that we read to her from the first days after she was born — long before she could understand the words — had something to do with that.

I remember reading to her over and over again — always hopefully — the excellent Sandra Boynton board book ‘anthology’ of funny sleep stories that our friend Stephanie gave us … the first book gift of her life, bestowed at a baby shower before she was born. And there was Dr. Seuss’ Sleep Book, one I hadn’t seen growing up, but which seemed to grab her attention even as an infant; all of those excellent rhyming rhythms, I think. (All of that reading about sleep rarely inspired sleep, unfortunately.)

And there were many ABC-themed books — Sandra Boynton’s, a Curious George and others — that were making an impression even when we weren’t aware of it; out of the blue at around age 2, she began to show us that she had learned her ABCs during all those reading sessions.

On Thursday evening, to kick off LitKid’s birthday celebration, I took her and a fellow Harry Potter-loving friend to the local “old-school” (non-fancy, non-cinemaplexus) theater, Mission Valley, at midnight to see the Deathly Hallows 2 premiere. I think all three of us were equally excited to see the end of the story on the big screen, and I thought that night about how fortunate I was in the age of video/techie wonders to have a nearly-10-year-old who is such a passionate reader.

Happy birthday to my LitKid!

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes takes you into a series of hard-core crimes. These crimes are solved by none other than Mr. Sherlock Holmes and his “sidekick” Watson. My favorite story was the Blue Carbuncle, the mystery of a valuable jewel that gets stolen and put into the crop (inside) of a goose that is feasted on by Holmes and Watson. A. Conan Doyle is a phenomenal writer. These tales are a stupendous choice for any mystery lover. I recommend this book.

~ LitKid

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