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By Kathi Appelt

Keeper is  a story within a story.
One day in Iowa, a woman, Meggie Marie, finds a girl on the side of the road, Signe. She drives and drives until she comes to a small town known as Tater on coastal Texas’s strip of the Gulf.
She gets in the water and there she gives birth to a single girl, who is later called Keeper. Ever since then, Signe has been a mom to the  girl. And since that day she lives on Oyster Ridge Rd. with Dogie, an African/Jamaican with some funky-looking dreadlocks, Mr. Beauchamp, an old sailor from France, and three pets: Sinbad, Too, and  B.D (Best Dog).
On the morning of the blue moon, she swears that 10 crabs are sending her a message. This book is a book for lovers of mythical creatures, oceans, animals and not-majorly-gross love stories.
Ages: 10 & up
Hint: If you go to Wiley, and you’re in Mrs. Price’s or Ms. Stockert’s homeroom, this will count as 3/4 of your reading for Mrs. Price.

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda

By Tom Angleberger

Pretty weird, huh? The Strange Case of Origami Yoda is a case file based on the experiences of Middle School kids with weirdo Dwight and “Paperwad” Yoda. Tommy, Marcella, and more share the times Origami Yoda gave them advice. There are some pretty funny stories in there. The new sequel, The Return of Darth Paper, came out recently. This book is for anyone who’s interested in funny stories, crushes, and  a kid called Dwight.

~LitKid {10-year-old/fifth-grade reviewer}

Dear Fans of our blog,

I am sincerely sorry that I’ve not been posting as much as I’d like to. With the school year in full swing, I’ve got a lot to think about from band to homework & much more. I promise I will find time to post more. I hope you’ll forgive me for this.

 I hope you’ll still follow the blog. I’ve been reading good books lately and a  whole slue of em’ are coming your way. I won’t post as often but I’ll still post reviews and other fun stuff. I’ll always be loyal to my loyal fans.


~ LitKid 🙂

When LitKid heard via Twitter that Ms. Anita Silvey of the Children’s Book Almanac had a birthday last weekend, she decided to write a present for her — which seems appropriate.

“Tribute to Anita Silvey”

Happy Birthday!

For many generations youʼve sparked IMAGINATIONS

CREATING something greater than gold

You took literature under your wings

That was a super smart thing

Your online almanac has inspired many YOUNG MINDS

Taught them what literature means

Itʼs HEART & SOUL the whole 360 degrees

Now itʼs time to celebrate YOU and what you do 🙂

So take a moment and take a breath and see the world through your own looking glass

THEYʼRE calling for YOU , itʼs no mistake.

Hereʼs one day out of 365 thatʼs dedicated to you… USE IT WELL!

Your followers & fans of the WORLD

Theyʼre all shouting

“Happy Birthday to You!”


Please see LitKid’s interview with Ms. Silvey below so you can learn why she is cool enough to inspire a “rap-poem.” (Unfortunately, I couldn’t capture the color scheme LitKid created in the PDF she sent to Ms. Silvey.)

 ~ AKid@Heart

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