When LitKid heard via Twitter that Ms. Anita Silvey of the Children’s Book Almanac had a birthday last weekend, she decided to write a present for her — which seems appropriate.

“Tribute to Anita Silvey”

Happy Birthday!

For many generations youʼve sparked IMAGINATIONS

CREATING something greater than gold

You took literature under your wings

That was a super smart thing

Your online almanac has inspired many YOUNG MINDS

Taught them what literature means

Itʼs HEART & SOUL the whole 360 degrees

Now itʼs time to celebrate YOU and what you do 🙂

So take a moment and take a breath and see the world through your own looking glass

THEYʼRE calling for YOU , itʼs no mistake.

Hereʼs one day out of 365 thatʼs dedicated to you… USE IT WELL!

Your followers & fans of the WORLD

Theyʼre all shouting

“Happy Birthday to You!”


Please see LitKid’s interview with Ms. Silvey below so you can learn why she is cool enough to inspire a “rap-poem.” (Unfortunately, I couldn’t capture the color scheme LitKid created in the PDF she sent to Ms. Silvey.)

 ~ AKid@Heart