By Kathi Appelt

Keeper is  a story within a story.
One day in Iowa, a woman, Meggie Marie, finds a girl on the side of the road, Signe. She drives and drives until she comes to a small town known as Tater on coastal Texas’s strip of the Gulf.
She gets in the water and there she gives birth to a single girl, who is later called Keeper. Ever since then, Signe has been a mom to the  girl. And since that day she lives on Oyster Ridge Rd. with Dogie, an African/Jamaican with some funky-looking dreadlocks, Mr. Beauchamp, an old sailor from France, and three pets: Sinbad, Too, and  B.D (Best Dog).
On the morning of the blue moon, she swears that 10 crabs are sending her a message. This book is a book for lovers of mythical creatures, oceans, animals and not-majorly-gross love stories.
Ages: 10 & up
Hint: If you go to Wiley, and you’re in Mrs. Price’s or Ms. Stockert’s homeroom, this will count as 3/4 of your reading for Mrs. Price.