Little Joe

By Sandra Neil Wallace; illustrations by Mark Elliott


Eli and Grandpa are sitting in the old musty stall where the elder cow layed, calm. That night a calf is born, known to the world as Little Joe. Eli Stegner does all in his will to get his first calf ready for the State Fair. Through all the triumphs and hardships, Eli and Little Joe make it to the Cattle Livestock Competition, earning the compliment of “a fine young calf.” Eli is proud of himself and spends the rest of the fair hanging out with friends and going on rides.

This story is a classic  animal vs. nature set-up, but in a warm-hearted way. Anybody would be amazed by the relationship of Cattle and boy in this story. Sandra Neil Wallace tells a phenomenal story that kids (and adults) of all ages  will read time and time again, and enjoy it every time.