The Spider & the Fly

By Mary Howitt

Illustrated by Tony DiTerlizzi 

The Spider & the Fly has a scary thing to it. When a lone fly ventures past the spider’s den, she is invited to come in. Will she come out because many of the Spider’s guests have been  known to end up in his…his….mouth? Will the poor, innocent and out-of town fly survive? Or be banished? You decide. Tony Diterlizzi brings an awesome twist to the tale originally by Mary Howitt … two ingeniouses who both get credit for this  spooky tale.

~ LitKid (our 10-year-old expert reviewer)

Postscript from AKid@Heart: This book is delightfully sinister …  spookily, quirkily beautiful … a work of art. It’s one of the picture books we display as art around our house, especially around Halloween. If you’ve never seen it, hie thee to a bookstore right away and look carefully at every page.