Auntie Claus

By Elise Primavera

Auntie Claus is one of our favorites because it draws you in automatically with the fantastic illustrations. When young Sophie Kringle decides to tag along on her aunt’s – that is,  Auntie Claus’s – mysterious annual business trip, she doesn’t know what’s in store for her.

She stows away in one of Auntie Claus’s boxes, and when the trip is over, she finds she’s at the North Pole! When she gets mistaken for the new elf, the search for her aunt is on. After weeks in the mailroom, she moves on to a more dangerous task: retrieving the Bad-Boy-&-Girl list. To find out more, you’ll have to read the book!

~ LitKid (the 10-year-old reviewer)

Note from AKid@Heart (the mom): We were at our favorite bookstore, Quail Ridge Books and Music, when Ms. Primavera visited a few years ago, and the backstory of how she created the art for Auntie Claus (on huge canvasses) was truly amazing. There are two other Auntie Claus books — Auntie Claus and the Key to Christmas and Auntie Claus, Home for the Holidays – and they always figure prominently in our holiday “books as art” displays. Ms. Primavera’s illustrations are, in a word, gorgeous (an adjective I rarely use, but in this case, gushing is in order), and the rich, colorful covers brighten our holiday scene.