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By Anne Ursu

When you dive into Anne Ursu’s new fantasy Breadcrumbs, you find Hazel and Jack, two ordinary  kids. One day, Jack’s whole life takes a turn for the worse when a piece of a mirror lands in his eye. That mirror changes his take on life forever.

Suddenly Hazel notices that Jack has changed. Then one day he is gone, with a force of evil destined to whisk away his memories forever. Anne Ursu accompanies the book with powerful descriptions and heartfelt encounters along the way – both good and bad.

I loved this book!

~ LitKid

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By Raina Telgemeier

A good book for those getting braces, Smile, a realistic fiction book, tells the story of Raina, who knocks out her two front teeth. She then has to go through four years of orthodontic treatment, involving headgear, fake teeth, a retainer and multiple sets of braces. It also tells the story of middle and high school drama: boys, first kisses, make-up, the big p and growing up.

(I got braces in September, and Smile was one of the things I wanted most for Christmas. Until I got my own copy, I would read it every time we went to Quail Ridge Books!)

I strongly recommend parents read the book before giving it to anybody below the age of 9.

~ LitKid (10-year-old reviewer)

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