My mom was so happy to see me reading an hour after school let out for Spring Break that she snuck this photo of me in our backyard, zoned out in a book.

Today we have our smart-phones, flat-screens and game consoles, right?

Instead of planting my eyes on a screen all the time, I curl up with a good book. I love reading because it can take you on many an adventure: Rescuing a princess, a stolen ring, or perhaps repaying a favor to the Lord(s) of Death.

From my viewpoint, electronics are like unhealthy foods: bad for us. They cause our eyes to glaze over and we don’t get outside and stuff.

What draws me into a book is a thick plot: a thief has kidnapped the queen and will only let her out for 2,000,000 dollars of ransom, but the king rescues her anyways. Another thing that draws me in is good description: ‘She crept through the alley as silent as a tiger, glancing this way and that every so often to make sure nobody saw her sneaking away with the burlap bag of money.’

So all you techno geeks try to make an effort to unplug and curl up with a book. Books can take you to faraway places.  You could read for hours  and your eyes wouldn’t glaze over.

Unlike when you spend all your time playing your DS’s and watching TV.