Middle World (Book 1 in the Jaguar Stones trilogy)

By J&P Voelkel

Max Murphy is just like any boy. He likes video games and hates school. Yep, he’s pretty normal. Except for the fact that his parents are world renowned archeoligists.

When his parents get  called on another one of their digs right before his band concert, he is fed up. Though Max gets suspicious, when, a couple days prior to his parents leaving, he is asked to join them.

When he gets there, his parents have mysteriously disappeared. He must find his parents and get back a valuable treasure.

I liked this book because it was action-packed, and there was never a dull moment. What I noticed about the writing is that it always left you hanging, and so you wanted to read more.


P.S. Coming tomorrow: My interview with the Voelkels!