The River of No Return

By Jon and Pamela Voelkel

I had a chance to interview Jon and Pamela Voelkel, authors of the “Jaguar Stones” series, after they came to my school last spring.

I love the first two books in the trilogy (feel free to check out my review of Middle World,the first book), and I was very honored and surprised when the Voelkels offered to send me a top-secret Advanced Reader’s Copy (ARC) of the next book in the series, The River of No Return.

Jon & Pamela Voelkel

It was so cool to get to find out how what happens next before the book even comes out!

In this latest chapter, Max and Lola must once again scheme to make sure that all of the Jaguar Stones don’t end up in the hands of the Mayan god of violent and unnatural death.

The twins do many cool things, including using Mayan magic, in their quest to make sure that the Middleworld is not taken over by Ah Pukuh, the Mayan equivalent of Hades. And along the way, Max and Lola find out a family secret.

So will the Hero Twins outsmart Ah Pukuh, or will all of Middleworld fall into peril?

Find out when The River of No Return comes out this September!

~ LitKid, 11-year-old reviewer