This summer was the summer for reading. I whiled away many an hour reading –cooped up in a car, on the beach, or waiting in line at the ice cream store, and of course at night in my bunk bed at camp.


You know, I think summer is the perfect time to read when you’re a kid (of all ages, adults!). In the summer there are are a lot of open hours on the beach and in various other vacation spots to relax and put a dent into the book everyone’s reading (or maybe your book club selection?).

If you didn’t read this summer, well then, boy did Y-O-U miss out.

A few of my summer favorites:

  • The Wednesday Wars
  • The Secret of the Fortune Wookie
  • The River of No Return
  • Wonder
  • The One and Only Ivan
p.s. Summer was pretty busy, so I did a lot of reading but didn’t have time for a lot of reviewing!