The Girl From Felony Bayfelonybay

By J.E. Thompson

Walden Pond Press

This story tells of a piece of land entitled “Felony Bay,” supposedly home to a long-lost pirate’s treasure.

Those rumors aren’t true, and Abbey Forde knows it. But when she finds out her uncle bought the Bay illegally and is in over his head, she is determined to stop him. Along the way, she meets Bee Force, a shy girl who finds her bravery in Abbey.

They must take every risk under the sun, and encounter alligators, poisonous snakes, and the criminals themselves.

This book is wonderful for people who love suspense and mystery at every turn of the page. In his debut middle grade novel, J.E. Thompson does a wonderful job of capturing South Carolina at its greatest.

I felt my anger loosen and drift away on the wind. “Who are you?” I asked.

“I’m Bee.”

I waited for her to say her last name and when she didn’t, I asked, “Bee who?”

“Bee Force.”

~ LitKid

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