This summer, we had to say goodbye to our beautiful, funny 16-year-old calico, who came to be called simply ‘Miss Kitty’ over the years (she started out as Audie, short for Audubon, due to her love of birdwatching).


Last night, we welcomed new felines into the family: Harry and Hermione, who have been putting on a show ever since — including, much to our amusement, showing a fascination with not one, but TWO brooms.


I’m remembering excellent words that I’m rarely sparked to think about: madcap, mayhem, scamper, hijinks, frenetic … much chasing, scrambling, tumbling, racing, pouncing and rolling going on around these parts, along with the occasional mewing, squeaking and kitten-growling. (Add to that the squealing of the very excited LitKid, and it’s been a rollicking first night and day.)


Hermione stayed close as LitKid did her homework last night, which made her very happy. I closed out my night reading a book by booklight as usual, but this time with Harry curled up as close to me as possible, resting his head on my book.

When it was time to turn a page, I had to tuck each one under his cheek.

I believe this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

~ AKid@Heart


[this note was typed by Hermione; she clearly needs a little more practice before posting her first review]