In the blog-o-sphere, we are LitKid (the daughter) and AKid@Heart (the mom), a couple of book-lovers who decided to share our thoughts and recommendations about the children’s books we’ve read over a collective span of 51 years, including:

  • Our old favorites (reaching way back to the board books first read to LitKid when she was a baby and toddler)
  • LitKid’s reviews of the latest and greatest books she has inhaled. (She really does seem to inhale them – in record time and with such complete concentration that she ceases to hear anything around her. Her grandmother says this sounds a lot like a certain other girl she knew a few decades ago.)
  • AKid@Heart’s ‘nostalgia reviews’ of the books she read and loved when she actually was a kid … plus reviews of the here-and-now kids’ books she manages to read while always running way behind on her grownup bookclub books.
  • Reviews of cool independent bookstores.
  • Interviews with our favorite book people.

LitKid, who was 9 years old when we started this blog, is now tackling all the challenges of high school, and while she still tears through a few books a week, she doesn’t have quite as much time to write posts. Homework and swimming compete for time, but she still loves blogging about books here and as part of the Teen Advisory board at our independent bookstore.

AKid@Heart is a long-time writer and editor of just about everything but fiction – from very serious stuff about former Soviet-bloc countries to the official magazine about the making of The Lord of the Rings movies, created with New Line Cinema. LitKid has pronounced the manuscript for AKid@Heart’s written-but-not-out-of-the-drawer first novel for kids to be “addicting.” The author acknowledges the bias involved, but still considers this to be the most important measure of success.

We hope you enjoy Lost in a Book and discover some new (and old) books along the way.

Happy reading.

A note from AKid@Heart, Keeper of the Blog: Unless a word is flat-out missing or garbled, I will not be editing and revising LitKid’s reviews, as I believe they should be authentic ~ served straight-up from her keen mind and colorful imagination.