We wrote a bit about our mission for this blog on our ‘about’ page, but here are a few more specific guidelines about how we approach reviews:

  • We are fairly informal about the books we review; we are happy to review new books if authors approach us, but we mostly just review books that we read in the normal course of our reading life, no matter when they were published.
  • As mentioned on our ‘about’ page, I also like to do what I call “nostalgia” reviews of books that I loved growing up, some of which are no longer in print (sadly). I would love to have guest post-ers contribute their nostalgia reviews as well.
  • If you are an author and are interested in a review of your book on our blog, we would love to help, but your book needs to be easy for us to get our hands on at our local library. (We do not have a blog book budget, as our regular book-buying “habit” is already far too out of control!)
  • We have not yet entered the world of e-reading, as we tend to be stuffy traditionalists about “form.” That may change eventually, but for now, our only avenue for reading e-books would be on an iPhone, and that’s less than ideal!
  • LitKid is in school, and I work as a writer/editor, so we review books as often as possible, but it’s not a full-time avocation for us. Given that I have recently taken a very small step toward publishing by finishing a manuscript, I have deep empathy with brand-new authors; we would love to read and review every new kids’ book coming down the pike, but it’s just not possible with the rest of our Big Life pursuits. If you send us a review request, and we aren’t able to get to it for any reason (accessibility or time), we hope you won’t be disappointed or ‘put out’ with us.

If there is a question about reviews that I did not cover here, please let me know via a comment.

Thank you!


AKid@Heart (the mom half of the ‘Lost in a Book’ duo)